Seijou or Aobajousai?



Is Seijou the team name for Aobajousai?

Aobajousai’s kanji is 青葉城西 but as a nickname for the school, the first two kanji are used (青葉 aoba). These two kanji can also be read as Seijou. I don’t know the reason why but it might be to avoid using Aoba, the…


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✖ 15 Days of Kyoukai no Kanata - DAY 09: Anime Ending

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The boys of Free! ES.

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Spongebob is the mother fuckin devil


Jerza ,a year later Nalu , 6 month later Gruvia and another year a month later gajevy :,D

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you forgot us

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"Hey guys can I join ur frog team"


"Gross!"  "Whoever heard of a GREEN frog?!"


"I wonder if there’s some magical, amazing world out there where it’s normal to be a green frog"


"Haha yeah and the hippos live in water and their chickens aren’t on fire"

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Information on Panic Attacks


How to write panic attacks if you have never experienced one? I understand the symptoms, but trying to get into the mind set is a lot harder than just understanding what is meant to be felt. - Anonymous 
I understand what you mean, specially since you can’t always trust the information you find online or on textbooks. Most of these are written by people who don’t experience the condition you want to research, so what you find, in the end, is not much.
Here’s a gathering of some personal experiences my dear followers shared upon my request; most, if not all of them, wished to remain anonymous. I respect their conditions. 
But first, some bulletpoints:
  • Everyone’s experience is different. We’ve touched this matter before. 
  • Don’t combine every possible insight you read into one. They can’t all fit in the same person, certainly not in a realistic character. 
  • I think it’s rather redundant at this point, but treat the subject with the respect it deserves.

The compilation is under the cut. 

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