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Lucy, I need you.
I miss you.
I'm so alone without you. 

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Favourite Suzume outfits

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The Free! Eternal Summer feature in Newtype Magazine (08/2014) made great use of the illustrations by animation director Nobuaki Maruki (丸木宣明) who also did the cover art for the issue.

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what if a follower transferred to your school just to try and get close to you


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I’m merely 19 with a glass kokoro.

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narutos idea of what a hot woman is


narutos idea of what a hot guy(s) is


it’s like with girls he had no idea so he imagined a girl version of himself and went with it but with guys he had so many ideas he just couldn’t pick the best one so he went with all of them and… I’m not saying he’s 100% gay but he certainly is not 100% straight either

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Gon: Killua…

Killua: Hmm?

Gon: Thank you. I’m glad you came with me. No… I’m glad I got to know you!

Killua: Cut it out, stupid. You’re embarrassing me.

Gon: Why? I really mean it.

Killua: You’ve got it backwards. Gon, I should thank you. I’m the one who’s glad that I got to know you…

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Tokyo Ghoul Opening
unravel by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure
Tell me, oh tell me, the way it works.
Who is that inside of me?
Here in this broken-down, broken-down world,
you laugh, without seeing a thing.

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